Online Delay Days, 1–2 October 2020

The online delay days are a sequel to previous installments in Utrecht (February 2019) and Hasselt (October 2019). They are organized by Maikel Bosschaert (Hasselt), Sebastiaan Janssens (Utrecht) and Babette de Wolff (Berlin).


  • Francesca Scarabel (York University)
  • Irene Seifert (Heidelberg)
  • Jaqueline Mesquita (Brasília)
  • Sebastiaan Janssens (Utrecht)
  • Davide Liessi (Udine)
  • Alejandro López Nieto (FU Berlin)
  • Isabelle Schneider (FU Berlin)
  • Wim Michiels (KU Leuven)

See Speakers and Topics for the lecture topics.

We also plan to provide an opportunity for informal discussion about delay equations, at the end of the program.


Interested researchers and advanced master students can register by simply sending an email to one of the organizers mentioned above or by filling out the form below. A confirmation email will be sent in either case.